Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Best and awesome optical illusions (with solution)

Many optical illusions can be found over internet. But here I am posting 3 best (according to me) optical illusions with their solution as well. In case you can't understand the solution and is confused then please ask your confusion in comments section and I will try to further explain the solution.
You can verify these using your image editing software (Paintbrush, gimp, Photoshop etc etc) or even manually. (Click images for larger view)

Optical illusion 1: 
Both of the area in following image are of same size (dimensions). Don't believe? Open following image in some image editing software and rotate any one of the area and verify.

Solution: (I simply rotated the Area A)

Optical illusion 2:
Both of the cigarettes in this image are of same size. Don't believe? Okay you don't even need to open this image in image editing software. Simply use your finger to check the size of both cigarettes.

Solution: Cut the cigarette A(left) and place near B(right).

Optical illusion 3: (This is mine most favorite)
In follwing image the area A and the area B are of exactly same color. I know I know none of you gonna believe this. But please open this image in some image editing software and check color of both area and you will find that the color is same. For your convenience I am posting the edited image as well where I just drawn two vertical thick lines around the areas A and B. 

Solution: Two vertical rectangles drawn around A and B.

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