Friday, November 16, 2012

Google Maps 47.110579,9.227568 (8877 Quarten Switzerland)

Hope you guys have used the Google maps somewhat.
Here I am showing you a bug/glitch/camera issue of Google Maps (Street View). I don't want to create suspense or sensation so calling this either a computation issue or the camera issue. But in reality I have not come across with a valid reason that what these objects are.

Please follow the instructions and let us know what you see

1. Go to google maps (
2. Type 47.110579 9.227568 and Click Search Button.
3. Click green arrow. The location you can see is 8877 Quarten Switzerland.
4. Select more (Or Directly Street View).
5. Go to street view.
6. Go up twice (using small directional Circle at top left of Map).
7. Go left twice (using small directional Circle at top left of Map).

Here is what you will see (Click Image for larger view)

Here are different opinions that what these objects are
1. An angel and demon.
2. Smudge on the lens.
3. A very blurry bird.
4. An image fragment from somewhere.
5. A drop of water on tthe camera reflecting.
6. A sticker stuck at a camera.
7. A computing issue in the way the images are put together and presented to the user.
8. A little girl dressed in pink and has wings.
etc etc etc

Few links where this has been discussed.

At the end please let us know if you know what this really is.

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  1. I noticed this in a popular yahoo article yesterday on strangest things seen on google maps street view and it instantly fascinated me...i "drove" down the road in both directions and although it seems that google has officially smudged out the blob in a lot of the shots, it does appear that this angel demon google map thing casts a similiarly shaped shadow in the same spot when looking up from the inside top ends of several of the tunnels...another possibility that can't be ruled out is that someone recently planted those shadows in there to throw us all off! ha!--but yeah, not really. most likely just a bug on the lense... in the least, some bored google employees planted these blobs just to amuse themselves and see who would even notice. In any case, whether its a camera glitch, a computer glitch, a bug on the lens, princess peach, or something otherworldly... its been fun to look at...