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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tallest Tree in world (Hyperion Redwood National Park California coastal forest)

A redwood in a remote Northern California coastal forest has been tentatively measured as the world's tallest living thing.
The tree called Hyperion stands at 378.1 feet.

From following 2 images you can imagine the height of tree.
Image1 is comparing the height of tree with certain famous buildings and Image2 is showing people climbing the tree. Note that the red circles in Image2 are humans who are climbing the tree.

(Click Images for the larger and full size view)



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  1. The coast redwood in the 2nd photo is incredibly big. But the only actual photo of Hyperion, top to bottom, may be the one on the M. D. Vaden Hyperion redwood page. Compare and see ...

    1. You mean the tree in 2nd image is not Hyperion?


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