Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Is this the correct way? No its not at all.

First of all we strongly condemn and protest against the blasphemous movie (Innocence of Muslims) made by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (Sam Bacile). 
The movie is not at all the freedom of speech but is directly insulting the  Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and the sentiments of billions of Muslims around.

And now we want to raise a question that why people tend to take the support of fake and false things while supporting a right thing? Why don't people do little bit of research before spreading anything presented in front of them?
Believe me, using false and fake things in support of a right thing will even affect our efforts and also will give others to chance to make fun of Muslims Ummah and the Islam.

Though we have seen that fake images (or images with wrong description) and videos were used in favor of right and good causes (for example to highlight the Burma Muslims issue) in past but at the moment we want to point out following two images which are circulating in social media networks (Especially Facebook) these days and are supposed to be related to current issue (blasphemous movie "Innocence of Muslim").
But in fact these are not at all related and are wrongly descripted.

Image 1:

This is a text image stating that in 1993 America killed an Iraqi women (Layla Al Attar) for making a cartoon of President Bush (Sr).
Infact Layla Al Attar was killed in the missile attack back in 1993. But whats the true story?
Read here

Here is the false descriptive image (Click the image for larger view)


Following image is circulating with the title
Huge gathering in Turkey to protest against blasphemous movie (Click the image for larger view)

But in fact these are Portuguese marched in Lisbon over planned tax hikes and spending cuts. Here is the proof.

Please do protest and show your concern but in a good way and with all truth. To lie itself is insult of teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW).

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