Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Boy killed his parents and 2 sisters in Hyderabad (Pakistan) because his girlfriend, Komal, asked him to do so.

A guy brutally killed his parents and two sisters here after his girlfriend asked him to do so.

Apple of parents’ and sisters’ eyes, Shahrukh the only son, shot dead his father Muhammad Akram, mother Shagufta and two sisters Rimsha and Warsha.

When police interrogated, the killer tried to hide the killings under a lie of dacoity bid but police at last found him guilty of killings.

He told police that his girlfriend, Komal, asked him to do so.

But the killer of four also said that his girlfriend was also involved in the killing and she was not arrested. He blamed police for taking money from the girl’s family. 

Here is the image of guy (Click the image for larger view)


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