Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Baji Syeda Fatima. Know results of T20 Worldcup 2012 matches before the match :d

Guys do you remember Paul the Octopus? Who got the fame by predicting correct results of 2010 FIFA Football World Cup? I hope you still remember.

Anyways here is the Pakistani Paul the Octopus version for Cricket T20 World Cup 2012 (Srlilanka). The name is Baji Syeda Fatima.
Image is in Urdu and the lady Baji Syeda Fatima is claiming that she will tell you the result of T20 cricket matches before 1 day of match :d And she will be using Jinnat (Jinns/Genies) for this purpose. :p

Okay here is the image (Click the image for larger view)

Sorry for the image quality :(

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