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Friday, September 8, 2017

The Kalavantin Durg Trek - Raigad (Raigarh) - Maharashtra, India

Kalavantin Durg, is situated just opposite to the Prabalgad Fort between Matheran and Panvel, Maharashtra from the sea level of approx 2300 feet. Kalavantin Pinnacle trek is divided into two patches, first is uphill terrain till Prabalmachi where the trek route is divided for Kalavantin durg and Prabalgad. The second patch for Kalavantin hike is vertiginous, as the rock cut steps are very steep and is the only way to climb the Kalavantin Pinnacle. There are no railings or support while ascending 0r descending the durg and thus makes it the hardest part of trek, still it is regarded as medium difficulty trek and is surely not for faint heart persons.

It is forbidden to climb or down in rain but this video was somehow made while it was raining. May be it was not raining when they were climbing up and it started raining up there and they had to return back in rain.


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